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Essay: Role of Police Unions

Sample Essay

The traditional role of the police unions is to be concerned about the needs of its members. Therefore, they are also concerned about the compensations and incentives given to the police officers for the sacrifices made for the job. Another traditional role of the union members is to ensure security of job to its members. Since the police department also tries to encourage its employees to stay in the force for longer than their agreed contracts, this is a point of concurrence between the administrators and the union.

In recent years, there have been major cuts in the funding provided to the local law enforcement agencies due to the concentration of resources in the international arena. Thus, the police department has had to lay off a number of contract personnel in order to reduce the costs to the government. This would have given rise to serious protests from the unions. The reduced personnel would also mean that the workload on the current forces would increase since the activities of the department are not being reduced.

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